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A Work In Progress

Presented in this document are ideas that reflect some of the personal practical strategies teachers have used to successfully include students with developmental disabilities in the regular class. This collection of strategies is seen as a starting point for teachers. My experience tells me that you will develop your own as you include children with developmental disabilities in your regular class. Some of your teaching strategies will be the same as presented, variations of these ideas, and some will be wonderfully different.

As I have shared my experiences and others with you I would welcome the chance to learn from other teachers on how they have included children in their classes. If you are interested in sharing, I can be reached at:

14113 - 97 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta, T5N 0E1

                                                                 E-Mail: hraymond@epsb.edmonton.ab.ca
I see myself as one member of a collective of teachers across Alberta striving to create welcoming schools and classes for all children and this process is " A WORKS IN PROGRESS"

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