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Major Reports

Book Chapters

Papadopoulos, T. C., & Georgiou, G. (2010). Orthographic processing and cognitive development. In A. Protopapas & A. Mouzaki (Eds.), Spelling: Learning and associated difficulties (pp. 53-67). Athens: Ellinika Grammata.

Papadopoulos, T. C., Georgiou, G., & Douklias, S. (2009). Is a unitary model of dyslexia possible? In H. D. Friedman & P. K. Revera (Eds.), Abnormal psychology: New research (pp. 47-81). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Georgiou, G., & Das, J. P. (2007). Phonological awareness and rapid automatized naming: Two cores of the same fruit? In J. P. Das (Ed.), Reading difficulties and dyslexia: An interpretation for teachers (pp. 182-191). Edmonton, AB: J. P. Das Developmental Disabilities Centre.

Recent Articles (in Refereed Journals)


  • In press

Georgiou, G., Kushnir, G., & Parrila, R. (in press). Moving the needle on literacy: Lessons learned from a school where literacy rates have improved over time. Alberta Journal of Educational Research.

Georgiou, G., & Parrila, R. (in press). What mechanism underlies the RAN-reading relation? Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

Georgiou, G., Wei, W., Inoue, T., & Deng, C. (in press). Are the relations of RAN with reading and mathematics accuracy and fluency bidirectional? Evidence from a 5-year longitudinal study with Chinese children. Journal of Educational Psychology. 

Inoue, T., Georgiou, G., Muroya, N., Hosokawa, M., Maekawa, H., & Parrila, R. (in press). Modeling the early growth of word and nonword reading fluency in a consistent syllabic orthography. Journal of Research in Reading.

Parrila, R., Georgiou, G., & Papadopoulos, T. C. (in press). Dyslexia in a consistent orthography: Evidence from a reading-level match design. Dyslexia.

Wen, W., Li, J., Georgiou, G., Huang, C, & Wang, L. (in press). Reducing the Halo effect by stimulating analytic thinking. Social Psychology.

Zhang, S.-Z., Inoue, T., Shu, H., & Georgiou, G. (in press). How does home literacy environment influence reading comprehension in Chinese? Evidence from a 3-year longitudinal study. Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal.


  • 2020

Altani, A., Protopapas, A., Katopodi, K., & Georgiou, G. (2020). Tracking the serial advantage in the naming rate of multiple over isolated stimulus displays. Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 33, 349-375.

Altani, A., Protopapas, A., Katopodi, K., & Georgiou, G. (2020). From individual word recognition to word list and text reading fluency. Journal of Educational Psychology, 112, 22-39.

Dunn, K., Georgiou, G., & Das, J. P. (2020). The relationship of cognitive processes with reading and mathematics achievement in intellectually gifted children. Roeper Review, 42, 126-135.

Georgiou, G., Guo, K., Naveenkumar, N., Vieira, A. P. A., & Das, J. P. (2020). PASS theory of intelligence and academic achievement: A meta-analytic review. Intelligence, 79, 101431. 

Georgiou, G., Torppa, M., Landerl, K., Desrochers, A., Manolitsis, G., de Jong, P. F., & Parrila, R. (2020). Reading and spelling development across languages varying in orthographic consistency: Do their paths cross? Child Development, 91, 266-279.

Georgiou, G., Wei, W., Inoue, T., Das, J. P., & Deng, C. (2020). Cultural influences on the relation between executive functions and academic achievement. Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 33, 991-1013.

Parrila, R., Dudley, D., Song, S., & Georgiou, G. (2020). A meta-analysis of reading-level match dyslexia studies in consistent alphabetic orthographies. Annals of Dyslexia, 70, 1-26.

Savage, R., Georgiou, G., Parrila, R., Maiorino, K., Dunn, K., & Burgos, G. (2020). The effects of teaching complex grapheme-phoneme correspondences: Evidence from a dual site cluster trial with at-risk Grade 2 students. Scientific Studies of Reading, 24, 321-337.

Zhang, S.-Z., Georgiou, G., Inoue, T., Zhong, W.-W., & Shu, H. (2020). Do pinyin and character recognition help each other grow? Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 53, 476-483.



Major Reports

Parrila, R., McQuarrie, L., Klassen, R., Georgiou, G., & Odishaw, J. (2010). Effective interventions for adolescent struggling readers: A research review with implications for practice. Alberta Education (142 pages).

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